lunch / diner / take out / foodtruck
Sint-Jorispoort 22 / 2000 Antwerpen / T +32 3 234 04 16 /
Open Tue-Fri 12.00 – 15.30 / 18.00 – 21.30 / SAT 12.00 – 21.30 / SUN – MON closed / No reservations, walk-in only

lunch / diner / take out / foodtruck
Sint-Jorispoort 22 / 2000 Antwerpen / T +32 3 234 04 16 /
Open Tue-Sat 12 AM – 9 PM / SuN – MON closed / Reservations from 8 PM only

All our dishes are authentic Vietnamese streetfood, taught by mom, aunts & sisters.

Everything is fresh and homemade.


Our Menu

“We love to bring you the flavours, the scents and the freshness of the food you can find in streets of Hanoi”



  • Fried fish shrimp cake

  • Crispy rice flakes, Obsiblue prawn

  • Deep fried roll, Brasvar pork

We love our world so we use as many products grown/bred in our own region as possible.


The dishes in our menu are an indication of the food we serve, this may vary on a daily basis according to availability and our mood.

“Our story is one of East meets West

Hoa Truong & Huibrecht Berends


Hoa Truong

Hoa’s parents arrived per boat from the roaring and war-thorn Vietnam to build a new life in Belgium. A life filled with hard work and a passion for Vietnamese food.

Having worked for years in Little Asia – the restaurant of her sister in Brussels – Hoa now makes her independent steps into the culinary limelight.

At BÚN, she explores the authentic Vietnamese street food cuisine and brings recipes and fresh flavours from the vibrant cities of Vietnam, with dazzling colours, textures and great taste.


Huibrecht Berends

Huibrecht is a genuine Zeeuws-Vlaming (NL), raised by the water and the wind. Huibrecht keeps seeking the openness of the sea.

Having spent many years at the Pure C restaurant, he now makes his own culinary dream come true. To find his new home and the home for BÚN, he followed the Schelde upstream and set foot ashore in Antwerp.

It’s in his blood to treat you to a great food experience – with everything home made from fresh quality ingredients. From noodles to sauces. From rolls to rice wine.

We are also very social

(although the squid might not agree)

Discover & enjoy our food on the go!

Straight from our foodtruck, the BÚNBUS!

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